September 2020

There is a dazzling array of high-calibre & sumptuous stonework for flooring and walls, available today to craft interior spaces keeping lifestyles and design choices in mind. The rich world of geology offers some truly beautiful stones to complement your

The selection of materials during the design process defines the overall architectural look and feel of the space. The material and colour combinations that contrast in perfect harmony are thoughtfully selected by architects & interior designers. If you’re planning to

It can be so eye opening and rewarding to work with interesting material & design ideas and to re-create living spaces using the same. This week, we give you a low down on using surfaces with decorative floral inlay patterns.

20th century witnessed the evolution of modern bathroom in the west – an era in which bathroom transitioned from just another prerequisite to an aesthetic touch point of the home. When it comes to home decor, bathroom calls for our