The selection of materials during the design process defines the overall architectural look and feel of the space. The material and colour combinations that contrast in perfect harmony are thoughtfully selected by architects & interior designers. If you’re planning to

It can be so eye opening and rewarding to work with interesting material & design ideas and to re-create living spaces using the same. This week, we give you a low down on using surfaces with decorative floral inlay patterns.

20th century witnessed the evolution of modern bathroom in the west – an era in which bathroom transitioned from just another prerequisite to an aesthetic touch point of the home. When it comes to home decor, bathroom calls for our

A melange of breathtaking options in surfaces has opened doors for infinite possibilities in home decor.  With a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and textures, there is more to these innovative marbles than what meets the eye. These surfaces can instantly

During the pandemic situation, spending more time at home during quarantine has prompted the world to realize that ‘Home is where the heart is’. With more time at hand to think about re-doing our humble abode, here are ways of

An everlasting muse for designers around the globe has been Mosaic Art – a 4000 years old art form. American designer Kelly Wearstler recently created a breath-taking mosaic for her new hotel project, by meticulously assembling vintage Portuguese tiles. Celebrity

Get some seasonal inspiration from our designers' choiceEmbrace the mellow mood of the season and create a welcoming atmosphere with surfaces fashioned from natural materials, warm tones and understated designs that echo autumn styles, with metal inlays radiating a gratifying