Metal Magic

Decor Metal Inlay Tiles


Stylised symbols in brass and steel emblazoned on stone to striking effect.


In an age where icons, logos and emojis are all around us, on every screen, every product and every device, the art of using stylised images to decorate walls seems particularly timely.

The Metal Inlay Tile in this collection feature boldly delineated symbols in brass and stainless steel, inlaid in black granite or white marble for maximum contrast. Referencing familiar forms from the land, the seas and the skies, the emblems range from aquatic wildlife to more abstract spherical and circular designs.

They can be arranged in single-motif or mixed patterns depending on the desired visual effect. Either way, the Metal Inlay Tiles Decor collection will embellish any environment with an elemental elegance.

Decor Metal Inlay Tiles is available in the following materials:

Decor Metal Inlay Tiles

Thassos Marble

Decor Metal Inlay Tiles

Stainless Steel

Decor Metal Inlay Tiles