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While the color wheel offers us an array of bright and dark shades that might be subject to changes in trend, Grey will always remain to be the ultimate shade of Zen. If you are planning on styling your home soon

2021 decor trends will determine a new age in designing sustainable spaces using handcrafted surfaces, furnishings and décor products. Clear & open spaces are becoming desirable & there is a renewed focus on function, form and flexibility in terms of

Unlike functional shared spaces, bedrooms are an expression of one’s taste and tell a story. Surface options for bedrooms allow in creating an arresting space that tells a story and starts conversations. Interiors of bedrooms deserve special attention so that a

Art Deco is a prominent architecture and interior design style of the 20th century that has always been around and is predicted to be in vogue even in 2021.Art Deco designs instantly evoke glamor, modernism and vibrant style to any

Jaali work and screens have always held a significant place in the global architecture history. These were prominently also seen in India within palaces, forts and temples. Areas designed with stone or metal screens and grills tend to provide a

Featuring high impact 3D surfaces with an elegant twist, Glyph collection is brought to life by the painstaking process of hand sculpting on natural stones and the age-old technique of bas-relief harnessed by the master artisans at Orvi Surfaces.Glyph collection

Surfaces made with exquisite natural materials like glass suit contemporary living spaces especially as they hold an interesting relationship with light, many times creating a kaleidoscopic effect of colours and patterns.Glass surfaces are more aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and

Asymmetrical, rhythmic expressions of mosaics, the Molecules collection, reflects the belief that true beauty lies in imperfection. Each asymmetrical piece in Molecules collection is extravagant & elegant, when combined, the most organic, composed & smooth shapes and patterns are formed

Colour black has always ruled the interior design world and black is literally the new definition of drama. This trending colour represents a sophisticated style with an elegant pallet. Using color black, Orvi has stunning options for wall and floor

The architectural heritage of European history is filled with kingly palaces & castles. Reliving the nostalgia of these European palaces, Orvi introduces its Palacio Collection.The timeless Palacio surfaces are inspired by the authentic aesthetics of grand palaces and castles where