Craft and Technology for Timeless Results

Adopting the best craft traditions from the past and integrating them with modern hardware and a modern design sensibility is our raison d’être.

Craft and Technology for Timeless Results
Handcrafted Tile Supplier
Handcrafted Tile Design


Truly original surfaces created with an eclectic mix of traditional techniques and materials from around the world and across history.

Bespoke Tailoring for Interiors

At ORVI, we pride ourselves on offering customers a full, friendly and highly professional service. And when our existing collections do not already include the ideal solution for any given interior, we are delighted to develop something new together.

A large proportion of our business comes from bespoke projects, so we are already structured to operate in partnership with customers. Our in-house team of designers effectively acts as a back office, working in close collaboration with external architects and designers.

If a customer is interested in a particular product line, technique or combination of materials, we encourage them to share their ideas with us. Our team will then work on the desired concept and come up with new bespoke designs or layouts to satisfy the demands of each specific project.

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