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ORVI: Innovative Surfaces

ORVI blends creativity with craftsmanship, technology with tradition, Western aesthetics with artisanal techniques from Asia and beyond.

Our mission is to create innovative and uniquely beautiful Bespoke Surfaces for all parts of the building envelope; both for interior and exterior applications. Our technologies enable designers to also explore the use and integration of our wide range of materials in interior fittings such as furniture, doors, screens and paneling.

We are enchanted by the qualities of Natural Stone Tiles, wood, Metal Inlay, ceramics and glass. We are inspired by traditional techniques in the ways we work and shape these exquisite materials. Above all, we are driven by a vision that infuses the world’s finest crafts with the verve and vibrancy of contemporary design.

Combining the skills of the past with the technology of today, this dynamic approach results in high-end surfaces of timeless elegance.

Our portfolio of collections presents a diverse menu of distinctive styles and concepts. Moreover, when the goal is to devise something truly original, we have the experience and expertise to work with our clients in exploring and developing their own bespoke Architecture Design.

Designer Tiles | ORVI Innovative Surfaces
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Letter from the Chairman

I have had the privilege of visiting some of the world’s finest historical buildings, observing the magnificence of their architecture and admiring their craftsmanship that spans many hundreds of years. The detail, precision, and beauty of the eternal facades, Tile Floors and interior furnishings celebrate the craftsmen of their time.

This is my inspiration behind Orvi, to harness the many traditional techniques that have started to disappear due to the economic pressures of the modern world, and instead create an environment where we can champion these skills and, by combining them with 21st century technology, begin to recreate some of the surfaces, shapes, patterns, and designs that have started to disappear.

Our products will therefore always embrace the traditional arts, and thereby ensure that the surfaces we create always carry the Orvi signature; hand crafting to create the finishing and detail using in many cases a combination of materials. Our inspiration comes not just from the architecture of the past, but also from designers and architects of the present day who, with their vision for pushing the boundaries of creativity, are the people who today create the challenges that inspire our team at Orvi.

We are eager to explore the endless possibilities for combining different materials – like stone, metal, glass and ceramics – in captivating new ways. The end result is a vast range of different surfaces, each one intriguing to the eye, gratifying to the touch and innovative to the core.


Technology & Craftsmanship Designer Tiles

Adopting the best craft traditions from the past and integrating them with  hardware and modern design sensibility is our raison d’être.

In creating our innovative surfaces, Decorative Wall Tiles we take advantage of a variety of state-of-the-art technology and precision machinery, from CNC routers and laser cutting instruments to water jets and sandblasting systems.

This equipment always complements the skill and experience of our craftsmen, never replacing it. All of our surfaces require a greater or lesser degree of hand crafting or hand finishing. To this end, we employ artisans who have worked in the relevant specialist fields for generations, along with talented newcomers trained by ORVI. Together, they play an important dual role in preserving the time-honoured skills of the past and creating timeless surfaces worthy of the future.

Technology & Craftsmanship | ORVI Innovative Surfaces
Quality & Manufacturing | ORVI Innovative Surfaces

Quality & Manufacturing

Our clients are demanding, and rightly so. They judge us on the quality and consistency of every piece they receive. That’s why quality control begins long before manufacturing is initiated, and continues right up to the moment of shipping.

Our Research and Development process is constant and comprehensive. So not only does it guarantee a steady flow of new ideas, it also ensures that no new product is launched until we are fully satisfied it meets our rigorous criteria for durability and quality.

What’s more, every single tile we produce is meticulously checked before being carefully packed and shipped to the customer. In short, while the beauty of our products is clearly visible on the surface, their quality runs much deeper.